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Accepted Articles : Indian Journal of Genetics and Molecular Research

Publishing your article: All these articles are accepted for publication in the respective journals and acceptance letters have been forwarded to all concerned authors. If you have not received acceptance letter yet; please contact us if you feel necessary.

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Germline Telomere Attrition Is Associated with Human Male Infertility
, A.S. Multani1, S.-H. Sohn2, N.J. Gupta3, and B.N. Chakravarty3
Received On Aug 17 2016. Accepted On Sep 02 2016
IAMGCON 2015: New Insight into therapy of Genetic Disorders.
J P Soni*
Received On Jun 16 2016. Accepted On Jun 16 2016
Oral and Liver Cancers: Paradigm in Diagnostic Methodologies
Shuchi 1,2 , Tanu Alen1, Neha Sharma2,3 , Sneha Kandpal1, Ankita Singh2,4, Pracheta Janmeda3, Narotam Sharma2, Indra Rautela
Received On May 22 2023. Accepted On Jun 30 2023
Download 'Acceptance Letter' (PDF).

Received On Sep 29 2016. Accepted On Oct 12 2016
Popularizing Genetics and Molecular Medicine

Received On Jun 16 2016. Accepted On Jun 16 2016
Varying manifestations of ring chromosome 18
Partha S. Das, Arundhati S. Athalye, Firuza R. Parikh
Received On Oct 31 2016. Accepted On Nov 26 2016