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  Current Publications (since 2015)

Our book program comprises in English and Hindi languages including several non-series book titles, the Red Flower program covers all disciplines of human medicine and related sciences. Our program covers more and more titles of clinical and practical relevance rather than titles with specialized state-of-the-art research topics. Our publications reflect the latest developments and findings of both basic and clinical research. In certain specialties such as emergency, a subspecialty of general medicine, or pediatric emergency we are the only publishing company offering a complete, in-depth and up-to-date coverage of the field.

Due to overwhelming queries of the authors, we decided to cover other than scientific and non scientific disciplines also, however we publish books in English, Hindi and Sanskrit only.

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 List of All Books Publication Year
 An Introductory Approach to Human Physiology  2021-12-01
 Beyond Medicine: A to E for Medical Professionals  2020-07-25
 Biochemical and Pharmacological Variations in Venomous Secretion of Toad (Bufo melanostictus)  2021-12-01
 Biostatistical Methods for Medical Research  2019-04-01
 Breast Cancer: Biology, Prevention and Treatment  2015-01-01
 Chhotanagpur A Hinterland of Tribes  2020-02-01
 Child Intelligence  2004-01-01
 Clinical Applied Physiology and Solutions  2020-12-22
 Comprehensive Medical Pharmacology  2019-08-17
 Critical Care Nursing in Emergency Toxicology  2019-11-01
 Drugs in Anesthesia  2020-09-08
 Drugs In Anesthesia And Critical Care  2020-01-01
 Handbook of Forest Terminologies (Volume I)  2022-07-01
 Handbook of Forest Terminologies (Volume II)  2022-07-01
 MCQs in Medical Physiology  2019-02-01
 MCQs in Microbiology, Biotechnology and Genetics  2020-11-01
 MCQs in Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgery (2nd Edition)  2020-09-08
 MCQs of Biochemistry  2022-07-01
 Osteoporosis : Weak Bone Disease  2022-07-01
 Patient Care Management (Handbook for the Hospital & Community Pharmacists)  2019-11-29
 Pediatrics Companion  2001-01-01
 Pharmaceutics-1 (A Comprehensive Hand Book)  2021-01-28
 Practical Emergency Trauma Toxicology Cases Workbook in Simulation Training  2019-07-01
 Practical Record Book of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology  2019-11-01
 Recent Advances in Neonatology  2020-11-28
 Shipping Economics  2018-12-01
 Skeletal and structural organizations of Human Body  2019-09-01
 Statistics in Genetic Data Analysis  2020-02-01
 Synopsis of Anesthesia  2019-01-01
 Trends in Anthropological Research  2022-07-01

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