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Journal Title ISSN(p) ISSN(e) Current Freq. Old Freq.  
Indian Journal of Anatomy Quarterly Bi-Monthly
Indian Journal of Forensic Odontology Semiannual Quarterly
Indian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Quarterly Bi-Monthly
Indian Journal of Pathology: Research and Practice Triannual Bi-monthly
International Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery Quarterly Semiannual
Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry 0975-0576 Quarterly Irregular
New Indian Journal of Surgery Quarterly Bi-monthly
Indian Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine Semi-annual Tri-annual
Pediatrics Education and Research Quarterly Tri-annual
Indian Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia Bi-monthly Monthly
Indian Journal of Emergency Medicine Quarterly Bi-Monthly
International Journal of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics Triannual Semiannual
Indian Journal of Law and Human Behavior Semiannual Tri-Annual
International Journal of Pediatric Nursing Triannual Semiannual
Community and Public Health Nursing Triannual Semiannual
Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation Semiannual Triannual
Ophthalmology and Allied Sciences Tri-annual Quarterly
Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery Quarterly Semiannual
International Physiology Tri-Annual Semiannual
Journal of Orthopedic Education Tri-Annual Semiannual
Indian Journal of Trauma and Emergency Pediatrics Quarterly Triannual
Women On The Earth 0973-984X 0974-1941 Irregular Quarterly
Meat Science International Irregular Semiannual
Journal of Nurse Midwifery and Maternal Health Triannual Semiannual
Indian Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology Nil Nil Semiannual
Journal of Emergency and Trauma Nursing Semiannual
Journal of Food Technology and Engineering Semiannual