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 Indian Journal of Genetics and Molecular Research
About the journal:

The Indian Journal of Genetics and Molecular Research is a publication of original research on human genetics. The papers of the journal cover the molecular basis of human diseases, human cancer genetics, clinical manifestations of genetic disorders, the application of molecular genetics to medicine, and the systematic evaluation of these applications. Each issue includes original articles, letters, short articles, critique articles, hypotheses, book reviews and online mutation reports.

The Indian Journal of Genetics and Molecular Research is a peer-reviewed and reference journal.


Clinical and Laboratory Geneticists, Genetic Counsellors, Doctors, Scientists interested in molecular medicine, Fertility Experts, Oncologists, Neurologists and Clinical Researchers

Editor-in-Chief: Rekha Chaubey
Affiliation: RFPPL own publication

Geneticists, Pediatricians, Immunologists, Pathologists and Anatomists

Circulation: 3600
Issues: Semiannual times per year
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Focus-based target audience of core practitioners, surgeons, doctors and professionals within healthcare and pharmaceutical sector instead of general surfers.

Message/advertisement credibility & effectiveness owing to the best peer-reviewed content.

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  • Quarterly journal: Published in the months of March, June, September and December.
  • Try annual journal : Published in April,August and December.
  • Half yearly journal :Published in June and December.
  • Circulation : 3600 each issue.
  • Readership :

    Geneticists, Pediatricians, Immunologists, Pathologists and Anatomists

  • Book size : Page size 8.5" x 11". Print size 7" x 10". Non-bleed only.
  • Paper used : 90 gsm Sinar Mas art paper text and 220 gsm Sinar Mas art card for cover.
  • Ad material : Advertiser to provide the ad material (artwork) either as a hard copy (Film and proof may be provided) or on a CD. The material should reach the RFP office 1 month before the cover date of the issue in which the ad is scheduled to appear.
  • Discount : A 10% discount will be allowed for 4 insertions in a year.
  • Further info : Our publisher will be happy to answer any technical queries. Please contact Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd. at
  • Full Banners to be supplied by the Advertiser
  • File type: GIF (animated or static)
  • File size: should not exceed 40 kb
  • Format: Not exceeding 600 pixels wide by 60 pixels high
  • Advertisements supplied remain the responsibility of the Advertiser.
  • Advertisements are accepted subject to availability and Journal approval.
  • Link to Advertiser's site can be given from the banner.
 Advertisement rates for - Print Journal/web publication

Note :
1. Discount for Vendors(%) : 40
2. Discount for Direct Client(%) : 20

Print Journal - Color Pages Last Updated : 28 Dec 2023
Position Single Insertion
(India - ₹)
Single Insertion
(Outside India - US$)
(Outside India- US$)
Ad Location
Inside - Full Page 14000 1093.75 26000 2031.25
Inside - Half Page 8000 625.00 14000 1093.75
Front Inside Cover - Full Page 20000 1562.50 38000 2968.75
Back Inside Cover - Full Page 20000 1562.50 38000 2968.75
Back Cover - Full Page 27500 2148.44 53000 4140.63
Double Spread - 2 Full Pages 27500 2148.44 53000 4140.63
Print Journal - Black & white Pages
Position Single Insertion
(India - ₹)
Single Insertion
(Outside India - US$)
(Outside India- US$)
Ad Location
Inside - Full Page 6500 507.81 11000 859.38
Digital Advertising
Position Per Insertion Per Month
(India - ₹)
Per Insertion Per Month
(Outside India - US$)
Ad Location
Leaderboard 20000 1562.50
Journal Page 14000 1093.75
Right Top Corner - Add Your Website Url 8000 625.00
Slider for Home Page 27500 2148.44

Indian Journal of Genetics and Molecular Research does not give medical advice and will not be able to respond to inquiries about specific diseases, medical or surgical conditions, diagnosis, treatments or contact of another person.

To contact a contributor, use the information provided with the manuscript; we will not be able to provide additional details.

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