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 Sr. No.  Name  Position  Image
1 A. Lal, Managing Director Authority
2 Anoop Maurya DTP Operator
3 Dinesh Kumar Kashyap Accountant
4 Durga Jain DTP Operator
5 Gopi Sharma Peon cum Field Worker
6 Hema Yadav DTP Operator
7 Indu Lata DTP Operator
8 Karamvir Singh DTP Operator
9 Kavita Pathak LDC cum Computer Operater
10 Manoj Kumar Singh Publication Editor (Journal)
11 Mrigya Gupta DTP Operator
12 Nisha singh Telecaller cum computer operator
13 Poonam Arora LDC cum Computer Operater
14 Rajesh Kumar LDC cum Computer Operater
15 Rajiv Sharma DTP Operator
16 Rinki LDC
17 Sandeep Rawat DTP Operator
18 Santosh Kumar Choudhary Proof Reader cum Copy Editor
19 Seema LDC cum Computer Operater
20 Subhash Chandra Acharya Proof Reader cum Copy Editor
21 Swati LDC cum Computer Operater
22 Ved Prakash DTP Operator