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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee. We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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 #  Member Name  Specialty
1     Dr. Alka D. Tajne, Surat  ,India  Community and Home Care
2     Mr. Amrapali Gajbhiye, PhD, Nagpur  ,India  Health Information Management
3     Dr. Avinash Moreshwar Borkar, RATNAGIRI  ,India  Nursing (miscellaneous)
4     Dr. B. Venkatesan, MSc(N), MSc(Psycho), Bangalore  ,India  Nursing (miscellaneous)
5     Dr. Barkha Devi, Gangtok  ,India  General Nursing
6     Dr. Chakrapani Chaturvedi, MSc(N), Gwalior  ,India  General Nursing
7     Dr. Dhiraj Vijay Salve, PUNE  ,India  Nursing (miscellaneous)
8     Dr. Janarthanan B, Ph.D., Gorimedu  ,India  Psychiatric Mental Health
9     Dr. Janarthanan. B, Ph.D., Gorimedu  ,India  Nursing (miscellaneous)
10     Dr. Jinu K. Rajan, Riyadh  Community and Home Care
11     Dr. Kandasamy Muthugounder, Ajman  Nursing (miscellaneous)
12     Dr. M. Hemamalini, PhD., Kattankulathur  ,India  Nursing (miscellaneous)
13     Dr. Manju Chhugani, New delhi  ,India  Community and Home Care
14     Mr. Mohammed Rafi, Varanasi  ,India  Community and Home Care
15     Mrs. Namita Batra Guin, Kanpur  ,India  Community and Home Care
16     Dr. P. Chitra, Fatehgarh Sahib District  ,India  Advanced and Specialized Nursing
17     Dr. Preethy Jawahar, MSc (N), MPhill(N), Ernakulam  ,India  Advanced and Specialized Nursing
18     Dr. Rakesh Sharma, PhD, Raipur  ,India  Medical-Surgical Nursing
19     Mr. Rishi Dutt Avasthi, Jodhpur  ,India  Community and Home Care
20     Ms. Rohisha I.K, M.Phil (N), RAIPUR  ,India  Community and Home Care
21     Dr. S. Ubahara Sahayaraj, PhD(N), Bangalore  ,India  Psychiatric Mental Health
22     Ms. S.K. Mohanasundhari, MSc(N), Rishikesh  ,India  Advanced and Specialized Nursing
23     Dr. Sakshi Chaturvedi, MSc(N), Banasthali  ,India  Community and Home Care
24     Mrs. Salve Reshma Vilas, PUNE  ,India  Community and Home Care
25     Ms. Seema Rani, MPhil, New Delhi  ,India  Community and Home Care
26     Dr. Soney M. Varghese, Ph.D., ERNAKULAM  ,India  Community and Home Care
27     Ms. Sumera Khan, Greater Noida  ,India  Occupational Therapy
28     Dr. Urmila D. Bhardwaj, New Delhi  ,India  Nursing (miscellaneous)
29     Ms. Usha Devi S., M.Sc, Rajkot  ,India  Community and Home Care
30     Dr. Veerabhadrappa G. Mendagudli, Ph.D, Bagalkote  ,India  Community and Home Care
31     Mr. Vinish V, Manipal  ,India  Community and Home Care
32     Dr. Virsa Singh,  ,India  Acupressure