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Indexing and Abstracting Databases

Indian Journal of Law and Human Behavior
Dr. Riddhita Parikh, Ph.D., Ahmedabad
Volume 10,Number 1 2024
Sr.No. Name of Indexing / Abstracting Service Year of Indexing Indexing Value Country Page Link (URL) Indexing Archive Image
1 Science Library Index N/A N/A United States View
2 Index Coppernics 2015 65.70 Poland View
3 Index Coppernics 2016 77.13 Poland View
4 Index Coppernics 2022 85.40 Poland View
5 Index Coppernics 2018 94.23 Poland View
6 Index Coppernics 2020 82.60 Poland View
7 Index Coppernics 2021 99.45 Poland View