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  Volume 2, Number 1, January - June 2017
Original Article
Mast Cell Profile and IL-4 Levels in Borderline Spectrum of Leprosy
    Singh Jasmeet*, Gautam R.K.**, Khurana Ananta***, Bhardwaj Minakshi****, Meena Neha*****, Bajaj Sonali*****  
Epidemiological Study of Various Dermatological Conditions in Tribal Area of Valsad, India
    Bhuvnesh Shah*, Keya Sheth Shah**  
RF Assisted Management of Keloids
    Chittoria R.K.*, Elankumar S.**, Kumaran M.S.**, Sudhanva H.K.**, Preethitha B.**, Friji M.T.***, Mohapatra D.P.***, Dineshkumar S.***  
A Clinical Study of Vitiligo at a Tertiary Care Centre of East India
    Rajesh Sinha*, Abhijeet Kumar Jha**, Smita Prasad**, Shweta Dipti***  
Application of Low Level Laser in Managament of Biofilm
    Vinayak C.*, Chittoria R.K.**, Sudhanva H.K.*, Preethitha B.*, Kumaran M.S.*, Elankumar S.*, Sireesha K.R.*  
Case Report
Non Responder of Alopecia Totalis to Diphencyprone Responding to Addition of Betamethasone Pulse
    Dhurat R.*, Pund P.**, Sukesh M.S.**, Dandale A.***, Ghate S.****, Bhandari K.**  
Anaesthetic Management of a Patient with Known Latex Allergy and Hypersensitivity to Multiple Drugs
    Talib Khan*, Rayees Najib**, Arvin Preet***, Zulfikar Ali*, Syed Amer Zahoor****, Shaqul Qamar Wani*****, Iram Ali******  
Radiofrequency Assisted Management of Trap Door Scar
    Babu P.*, Chittoria R.K.**, Kumaran M.S.*, Sudhanva H.K.*, Kumar E.*, Reddy K.S.*, Chavan V.*, Friji M.T.***, Mohapatra D.P.***, Dineshkumar S.***