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Impact of Indian Traditional Recreational Activity on Novel Anthropometric Markers of Diabetes in Bengali FemalesImpact of Indian Traditional Recreational Activity on Novel Anthropometric Markers of Diabetes in Bengali Females

Banerjee Neepa*, Chatterjee Surjani*, Chatterjee Sandipan*, Ghosh Kuntal**, De Santanu***,Mukherjee Shankarashis*

International Physiology . 3(1):11-15,January - June2015.

Association of Age at Menarche with BMI: A Population Based Comparative Study on Bengali Women

Madhumita Debnath*, Jhuma Sarkar**, Baijayanti Baur**

International Physiology . 3(1):17-22,January - June2015.

Musculoskeletal Discomfort in Computer Operators of Organized Sector : Tracing The Link With Obesity Status

Chatterjee Ayan*, Chatterjee Sandipan*, Chatterjee Surjani*, Santra Tanaya*, Banerjee Neepa*, Mukherjee Shankarashis*

International Physiology . 3(1):23-28,January - June2015.

Indian Classical Dancing: An Approach for Obesity Management

Chatterjee Surjani*, Banerjee Neepa*, Chatterjee Sandipan*, Chatterjee Ayan*, Chakraborti Biswanath**, Banerjee Debamalya***, Mukherjee Shankarashis*

International Physiology . 3(1):29-34,January - June2015.

A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Occupational Noise on Hearing Threshold in Human Resources Occupationally Engaged in Organized Sector

Chatterjee Sandipan*, Chatterjee Ayan*, Chatterjee Surjani*, Banerjee Neepa*, Santra Tanaya*, Mukherjee Shankarashis*

International Physiology . 3(1):35-39,January - June2015.

Impact of Receiving Training in Football on Obesity and Physical Fitness Status: A Study in Bengali Male Adolescents

Bhattacharjee Satabdi*, Banerjee Neepa*, Chaterjee Surjani*, Chatterjee Ayan*, De Santanu**, Mukherjee Shankarashis*

International Physiology . 3(1):41-47,January - June2015.

Predictability of a Set of Physiological Variables form a Set of Anthropometric Variables for a Data Set from Fishermen

Babulal Seal*, Sanchayita Sadhu**, Baidyanath Pal***

International Physiology . 3(1):49-53,January - June2015.

Impact of Posture on Health Status of Welders in Different MSME in West Bengal

Das Suman*, Mukherjee Shankarashis**, Banerjee Debamalya*

International Physiology . 3(1):55-59,January - June2015.

Pedestrian Death and Injury in Road Accidents in Kolkata in Last Decade: A Major Public Health Challenge

Mondal Prosun*, Banerjee Neepa*, Chatterjee Sandipan*, Chatterjee Surjani*, Ghosh Kuntal**, Mukherjee Shankarashis*

International Physiology . 3(1):69-74,January - June2015.