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Review Article

Maintenance of Dental Implants: A Review

Tanveer Fatima1, Asad Mehmood2, Pankaj Datta3, Sonia Datta4

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 12(1):29-31,Jan-Mar2019.

Original Article

Evaluation of Use of Digital Method In Studying Histology and Pathology among Undergraduate Students of Dentistry

Kiran Kumar1, Kaveri Hallikeri2, Veda Hegde3

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 12(1):5-10,Jan-Mar2019.

Evaluation of Linear Dimensional Accuracy of Conventional Heat Cure Resin and Microwave Cured Resin: A Comparative Study

Pawan Kumar1, Savita Akki2, Mahesh Suganna3, Pankaj Datta4, Aruna DS5, Sonia Datta6

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 12(1):11-16,Jan-Mar2019.

Awareness and Level of Confidence among the Graduate Students of Medical and Associated Faculties Towards Tobacco Cessation Therapies

Hrutuja Deshpande1, Shivakumar KM2, Vidya Kadashetti3

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 12(1):17-23,Jan-Mar2019.

Antibacterial Effect of Gum Arabic on Streptococcus Mutans in Vitro

Suha Nassir1, Amal H Abuaffan2

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 12(1):23-28,Jan-Mar2019.