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  Volume 2, Number 3, July-Sep 2011
Original Article
Fashionable Tobacco Habits an Alert for Oral Cancer Epidemic
    Linganagouda Patil*, Mallikarjun M**, Gayatri Linganagouda Patil***, Vijayanath V****  
High Tension Electric Injuries in Western Rajasthan: A Review of 238 Patients
    Prakash Chandra Kala  
Case Report
Foreign body appendicitis in children: Case report
    *Jyothi S. Karegoudar, **P.J. Prabhakar, ***Anitha M.R, ****Vijayanath V.  
Synchronous presentation of extremity STS with the pulmonary metastasis- a case review
    Umesh Jethwani, Chintamani  
Primary subcutaneous hydatid cyst medial thigh: A case report
    *Jyothi S. Karegoudar, **P.J. Prabhakar, ***Anitha M.R, ****Vijayanath V.  
Management of breast cancer-the paradigm in crisis!!