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International Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Volume  9, Issue 3, September-December 2023, Pages 105-109

Original Article

Effectiveness of an Educational Programme on Curriculum Development and Design for Health Professional Educators

Assuma Beevi T.M1, Naseem M.2

1 Principal, 2 Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Vazhayoor, Malappuram 673633, Kerala, India.

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Health professional educators (HPE) and clinical faculty are facing different educational challenges in balancing their work profile of teaching, research and clinical duties with improper planning of curriculum. So a need assessment was conducted to find out the knowledge and skill of health science educators in a health science academy to empower them with an educational programme on curriculum development, design and mapping of core elements in a health professional education programme.

Main Objective: To identify the effect of planned educational programme on curriculum development and design for health professional educators.

Introduction: A curriculum is defined as a sophisticated blend of educational strategies, course content, learning outcomes, educational experiences, assessment, the educational environment, and the individual students’ learning style personal timetable and programme of work 1.

Methodology: Pre-test post-test design was used with a teaching programme on curriculum design, development and mapping using convenient sampling with 18 faculty of HPEs. Comparison of Mean Pre-test and post-test score obtained by subjects shows significant difference with a p value of 0.0001 (P value <0.0001) Study was conducted among faculty of a health science academy with convenient sampling.

A total of 25 samples were taken who were working as faculty with a teaching experience of 3-10 years.

Results: Results were analysed using google itself.

Keywords : Health professional education; Health professional educators; Curriculum development; Curriculum planning; Curriculum design and models.
Corresponding Author : Naseem M., Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Vazhayoor, Malappuram 673633, Kerala, India.