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International Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Volume  9, Issue 1, January – April 2023, Pages 31-34

Review Article

Tourette Syndrome: Parenteral Attention

Rajathi Sakthivel

Vice Principal, Hindu Mission College of Nursing, Chennai 600045, Tamil Nadu, India.

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Tourette syndrome (TS) is a group of disorders of the developing nervous system called tic disorders. It involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that can't be easily controlled. Tics have typically seen between the ages of 2 to 15 years. Males are about three to four times more likely than females to develop TS. A detailed history of the child's behavior from parents and teachers, in addition to observations of the child's behavior, contributes to making the diagnosis. Many people with TS don't need treatment till symptoms aren't troublesome and there's no cure for TS. Many children and adolescents who have TS also have attention problems and academic difficulties. However, most have normal intelligence and do not usually have primary learning. Parenteral attention is needed to confirm the early diagnosis and create awareness to control tics. A comprehensive evaluation of the child or adolescent's psychological, social, and educational status is recommended, as well as a thorough medical, developmental, and family assessment needed to promote the well-being of children.

Keywords : Tourette Syndrome; Tics; Behavior; Attention problems; Counselling.
Corresponding Author : : Rajathi Sakthivel, Vice Principal, Hindu Mission College of Nursing, Chennai 600045, Tamil Nadu, India.