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A Study of Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Apparently Normal Population in Rural Maharashtra
  Arun Tyagi1 , Satish Phatake2 , A.K. Srivastava2 , Nikhil Jariwala3
Download Available
Oxidative Stress in Relation to Obesity in Gujarati & Non-Gujarati Young Girls before & After Maize Diet
  Nita Sahi
Download Available
Tele-OPD: Bridging distance between Clinician and Patient
  Konda Sireesha1 , Chittoria R.K.2 , Sandhya Pandey1 , Friji M.T.3 , Mohapatra D.P.3 , Dineshkumar S.3
Download Available
A Comparative Study between Ringer Lactate, Normal Saline and Plasmalyte on the Serum Electrolytes of Patients with Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  Shanmugasundaram Rajamani1 , Karthikeyan Poongodi Selvarajan2 , Shankar Radhakrishnan3
Download Available
Collapsing Pulse
  Bakshi S.K.1 , Mohammad Kamal Mahrous2 , Nasser Rashid Alshukeili3
Download Available
Role of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Pressure Sore Management
  Sudhanva H.K.1 , Chittoria R.K.2 , Preethitha B.1 , Senthil K.1 , Elan S.1 , Sireesha K.1 , Vinayak C.1
Download Available
Epididymo: Orchitis in an Adult with Scrub Typhus
  T. Vishwa Teja1 , Girija Subramanian2 , Karthikeyan Balu3 , Harish. Rajaram4
Download Available
Google Cardboard and its Utility in Plastic Surgery
  Pandey S.1 , Chittoria R.K.2 , Mohapatra D.P.3 , Friji M.T.3 , Dinesh K.S.3
Download Available
Multimodality Approach in Management of Pressure Sore: A Systemic Review
  Vinayak C.1, Chittoria R.K.2, Kumaran M.S.1, Preethitha B.1, Sudhanva H.K.1, Elankumar S.1, Sireesha K.R.1, Agarwal A.1, Gupta S.1
Download Available
Seizures, Hepatotoxicity and Advanced Disease Are the Greatest Predictors of Death in Tubercular Meningitis
  Ritwika Majumdar1, Nabendu Karjyi2, Indira Maisnam3
Download Available
A Prevalence Study Based on Relationship of Obesity Indices with Different Anthropometric Parametrs in Two Communities
  Nita Sahi1, Manish Kumar Vaishnav2
Download Available
‘Sexual History Taking’– Difficulties Faced by Undergraduate Medical Students and their Preferred Teaching Learning Methods
  Roshni Menon R.1, Brinda G. David2
Download Available
Profile of Bacterias Isolated in Blood Culture by Automated System at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Northern India
  Sikander Chirag1, Suman Kumar Kotwal2, Shalija Kotwal3, Bashir Famda4, Sahrish Chirag5
Download Available
Dial-JIPMER Service (24x7): Our Experience
  Elankumar S.1, Chittoria R.K.2, Mohamed Ishaq Z.3
Download Available
Bariatric Nutrition: Right Amount at Right Time
  K. Silambuselvi1, V. Muruguvalavan2
Download Available
Application of SWCR Guidelines in a Case of Pressure Sore
  Elankumar S.1, Ravi Kumar Chittoria2
Download Available
Business Intelligence in Hospitals: Current Users’ Perspective and Anticipated Future Trends
  Sandhya Yadav1, Feroz Ikbal2
Download Available
Comaparative Study of Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio in Diabetic Patients with Foot Ulcer and without Foot Ulcer
  S.M. Goornavar1, Sanganabasappa2
Download Available
Relation between Pyuria and Bacteriuria in Urinary Tract Infections
  Sikander Chirag1, Suman Kumar Kotwal2, Shalija Kotwal3, Nadia Choudhary4
Download Available
Study of Association of Hematological Parameters with HbA1c and Microvascular Complications in type II Diabetes Mellitus
  Tamilselvi Ramachandran1, Saranya Balasubramanian2, Bharathi3, Shankar Radhakrishnan4
Download Available
A Study of Factors Associated with, and Echocardiographic Findings of HIV Related Heart Failure
  Arun Tyagi1, Rutuja Bedmutha2, A.K. Srivastava3, Marcia Waran4
Download Available
Temporomandibular Joint: A Short Insight
  Ahmad Naeem1, Ahmad Nadeem2, Mohamed Mohsen Abuzenada Basem3, Alsharif Abdulmohsin Al-Ghalib Thamer4, Adel Helmy Ahmed Ali Mai5, Elhomossany Mahmoud6
Download Available
Diet in Dengue
  E. Lakshmi
Download Available
Application of Radio Frequency in the Management of Neurofibroma
  Sireesha K.R.1, Chittoria R.K.2, Preethitha B.3, Elankumar S.4, Vinayak C.5, Kumaran M.S.6, Sudhanva H.K.7, Aggarwal A.8, Saurabh G.9
Download Available
Hypoplastic left Pulmonary Artery Presenting as Pulmonary Hypertension in an Adult: A Case Report
  A.K. Badrinath1, Suresh Babu S.2, T. Vishwa Teja3
Download Available
Holistic Approach for Non-Healing Wounds
  Vinayak C.1, Chittoria R.K.2, Sireesha K.R.3, Aggarwal A.4, Gupta S.5, Reddy C.L.6, Padmalakshmi7
Download Available
Study of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Adult Females of Maharashtra population
  Jeevan Atmaram Pawar
Download Available
Pattern of Thyroid Dysfunction in HIV Patients
  Shalini Kotwal1, J.B. Singh2, Bhanu Pratap Singh3, Suman Kumar Kotwal
Download Available
Prevalence of Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Related Factors among Adult Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Our Institute
  Satish Phatake1, Atul Khalkar2, Prajakta Ghatage3, Sunil N. Mhaske4, Madhura Panditrao5
Download Available
Thyrotoxicosis Precipitating Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A case report
  Suman Kumar Kotwal1, Som Nath Verma2, Annil Mahajan3
Download Available
Multiple Choice Questions: A Potent Tool for Assessment of Medical Students
  Ayaz Khurram Mallick1, Marya Ahsan2
Download Available
Estimation of Stature among Tribal Males from the Measurements of Digit Length in Udaipur District of Rajasthan
  Charu Taneja
Download Available
Role of Fenestrations in Acrylic Cranioplasty
  Saurabh Gupta1, Ravi Kumar Chittoria2, Elankumar Subbarao3, Konda Sireesha Reddy4, Vinayak Chavan5, Abhinav Aggarwal6,
Download Available
A case of fever of Unknown Origin (FUO): Problems, Pitfalls and Eventually Diagnosis
  Asma Zishan1, Almur Abdullah Alabri2, Bakshi Surrinder Kumar3, Mohammad Kamal4, Nasir Shakilli5
Download Available
To Study the “Knowledge” About Psoriasis in Undergraduate MBBS Students
  Eknath Maruti Bamane1, Shashikant B. Dhumale2
Download Available
Epidemiology, Clinical Profile and Outcome of Organophosphorous Poisoning in North-Western Rajasthan
  Shyam Lal Meena1, Bal Kishan Gupta2, Anil Kumar Ranva3, Rakesh Kumar Sonkaria4, Naveen Swami5, Ranveer Singh6, Jigyasa Gupta7
Download Available
A Study of Seroprevalence of Rubella Among School Girls and AnteNatal Women
  Saibal Adhya1, Arun Tyagi2, Pavithra V3, Praveer Ranjan4
Download Available
Comparative Study of Hematological and Biochemical Changes in Patients Infected by Dengue Fever at Tertiary Care Hospital at Fatehabad, Haryana
  Prachi Arun1, Lata Sangwan2, Amit Munjal3
Download Available
A Study On Microalbuminuria in Non-Diabetics and Normotensive Patients of Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)
  Sachin Mahadu Gondake1, Manoj Sharadrao Chitale2
Download Available
Pattern of Bacterial Profile and Drug Resistance of Pathogens Isolated from Wounds Infection at A Tertiary Care Hospital in North India
  Sikander Chirag1, Suman Kumar Kotwal2, Shalija Kotwal3
Download Available
Role of Vitamin D in Prostate Cancer in Developing Country
  Sohil Takodara1, Neha Sharma2, Ashish Sharma3, Sabira Dabeer4, Ruchi Jindal5
Download Available
Comprehensive Study of Clubfoot in Children of North Chotanagpur Division of Jharkhand
  Sudha Rani1, Govind Kumar Gupta2, Makardhwaj Prasad3, Pannag Bhushan Dwivedi4
Download Available
Therapeutic Value of Organic Foods: A Review
  E Lakshmi
Download Available
Rare Case of Collagenous Colitis
  Srikant Kumar Dhar1, Debasmita Tripathy2, Siba Dalai3, Vujwal Roy K4
Download Available