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  Volume 11, Number 3, Sep-Dec 2017
Original Article
Delhi University College Library System: A Study of Women Colleges of North Campus
    Anil Kumar Dhiman1, Surendra Singh2  |
Citation Analysis of Doctoral Theses in the Field of International Studies Submitted to Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (2000-2011)
    Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui1, Mahima Tyagi2  |
Author Rights Awareness among Researchers and Role of Librarians
    Meghana Sanjeeva1, Sushama C. Powdwal2  |
Gauging Usage of E-Journals Database of American Chemical Society at Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar
    Vinod Kumar  |
Bibliometric Study of “The British Journal of Psychology (2012-2016)”
    Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui1, Jyoti Mishra2, Shivani3  |
The User Impact and Satisfaction with Library Automation Services: A Case Study of A.K. (P.G.) Library, Khurja
    A.K. Sharma1, Km. Prabha2, Javed Khan3  |
Internet Usage in Africa: Current Scenario and Future Prospects
    Ramadan Elaiess  |
The Bibliometric Study of the Journal Indian Historical Review (1999-2016)
    Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui1, Ritu Kalsi2  |
Information Needs of Distance Learners of Bangladesh Open University: A Study
    Partha Biplob Roy1, Md. Nazmul Islam2  |
Information Seeking Behaviour of Students of Physiotherapy College Libraries in Karnataka: A Study on E-Resources
    Atmanand G. Holeyannavar1, Vinayak M. Bankapur2  |
Faculty-Librarian Relationship in Management Institutes in Mumbai
    Anjali Bandiwadekar1, Sushama C. Powdwal2  |
Going Green through Waste Management: Indian University Libraries Study
    Neeta D. Gundawar1, Sushama C. Powdwal2  |
Use of Web in the Libraries of Private Universities of M.P.
    Jaymala Patil  |
A Survey on Students’ Perception of Librarianship as a Profession for Marital Choice  |
Use and Impact of E-Resources at NREC College Library: A Case Study
    A.K. Sharma1, Dipika Sharma2, Javed Khan3  |
Legal Learning Support Services through Building Collections and Capacities in Libraries
    Shiva Kanaujia Sukula1, Abha Yadav2, Rishabh Kumar Jain3, K.N. Rao4  |
Review Article
Dimensions of Reference Accuracy and Citation Errors: A Review of Literature
    Vishnu Kumar Gupta1, Praveen Babel2  |
Library Security Systems
    Jagadish T. Patange  |