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  Volume 7, Number 3(Suppl), Sept - Dec 2013
Original Article
Citation Analysis of Doctoral Theses in Physics Submitted to North Bengal University in West Bengal: An In-Depth Study
    Md. Ziaur Rahman, Udayan Bhattacharya  
Consortium for Libraries in Puducherry: A Proposed Model
    U. Nagalingam, Ramesha  
E-Resource Services in Indian University Libraries
    B.T. Mundhe, D.K. Veer  
Customer Relationship Management in University Libraries in the Present Era
    Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui  
Are Librarians Satisfied in ICT Era?
    Alka Sirohi, A.K. Sharma  
Libraries, Past to Present: A Change
    S.S. Joshi  
Transformation of Library Circulation System
    Vinod Kumar  
Review Article
Impact of Outsourcing on Library Activities: A Bird’s Eye View
    Moutusi Basak, Sanku Bilas Roy  
Indian Library Networks: Myth or Reality
    N. Valarmathy, K. Kaliyaperumal  
Job Satisfaction among Librarians in Tirunelveli District
    P. Balasubramanian, S.Saravanan, S.Seetharam Chandar Rao  
Marketing Strategies of Library Services
    Shivamurthy P.M.  
Digitization: Issues and Problems
    Leena Ramrao Bhitre  
D-Lib Magazine: A Bibliometric Study
    A. Srimurugan, S. Nattar