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  Volume 4, Number 1, January - April 2010
Review Article
A case study on the use of Internet resource by research scholars and students of Annamalai University
    V.Ramesh Babu, M.Nagarajan  
Dependency on e-resources social science faculty Universities in Iran
    Mohamad Bagher Negahbari* V.G. Talawar**  
Knoweldge management for future perceptions of liabrary and information professionals
    P. Ravichandaran*  
Open source and open access licences: A comparative study
    Tridib Tripathi*Partha Sarathi Mandal**  
Usage of electronic information resources and services at IIT, Kharagpur Library:A Survey
    Bulu Maharana* Bipin Bihari Sethi** Pankaj Kumar Mallick***  
Use of Internet in Karnataka State Universities
    Syed Shah Ahmed Sarmast  
Creation of PG thesis abstract database of MPKV, Rahuri: Practical experiance
    P.A. Shinde* R.N. Ingale**  
Dr. A.Subbiah:A Biobibliometric Study
    S. Nattar*  
Library Building and space utilization:A Study of Mangalore University
    S.S. Kumbar* Pushpalatha**  
The Impact of On Time reminders on defaultersA case study of Islamia College of Science and Commerce, Srinagar
    Mohammad Hanief Bhat*  
Use of Internet by faculty members and research Scholars in the 21st Century:A Study of University Libraries of Karnataka state, India
    Gururaj S. Hadagali* B.D. Kumbar**