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  Volume 7, Number 3, July- September 2021
Original Article
Predictors of Mortality among Non Traumatic Non COVID Emergencies during Early COVID-19 Outbreak: An Observational Study on Clinical Profile and Outcome of Patients in North India
    Alka Verma1, Om Prakash Sanjeev2, Divya Srivastava3, Ratender Kumar Singh4, Priyank Yadav5, Rahul6  |
Oxidant and Antioxidant Imbalance in Urolithiasis Patients
    Soumya N S1, Suresh U Kadli2, Gopal Das C M3, Manjunath Rao S V4, Sharath B V5  |
Case Report
Acute Onset Quadriplegia as a Complication of Hepatitis a Infection: A Case Report
    Noorulla Khan Mayana1, Mohammed Ismail Nizami2, Kiran Kumar Ramineni3, Kiran Kumar Verma4  |
A Case Report of Atropine Psychosis in Organophosphorus Poisoning: Glycopyrrolate used Successfully as a Replacement
    Prakash Deb1, Aaashish Kumar Singh2, Prithwis Bhattacharyya3, Md Yunus4  |
Superior Mesentric Arteryocclusion Presenting as Pain AB Domen
    Surjeet Acharya1, Kishalay Datta2, Anita Rawat3, Pallavi Verma4  |