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  Volume 14, Number 2, April-June 2021
Original Article
Correlation Between Smoking and Lung Abnormalities
    Banwari L Meel  |
Bizygomatic Distance and Maxillary Sinus Dimensions as Predictors for Age Estimation: A Morphometric Analysis using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
    Aishwarya Ramesh1, Karthikeya Patil2, Mahima VG3, Sanjay CJ4, Nagabhushana D5, Prasanna Srinivas Deshpande6  |
Hair Dye Poisoning Patterns among Population in Nellore State Andhra Pradesh
    Niranjan Kumar Gunjan1, Kathi Aswani Kishore2  |
Study of Histopathological Findings in Sudden Unexpected Natural Deaths in a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Shailaja Kupati1, Gayathri T2, Shashikala V3, Prathima S4  |
Histopathological Array of Cardiac Lesions in a Tertiary Care Hospital: An Autopsy Study
    Prakash Sumitha Maniyan 1, Modepalli Nalini2, Tirumala Anisha Sudarshan3, Jyothi Reddy4, Veerabasappa Mahanthachar5, Jayaprakash Chippagiri6  |
Case Report
Cutaneous Reactions Due to Accidental Exposure to Plant Growth Regulator: Occupational Pesticide Poisoning
    Chandrashekhar B Bhuyyar1, Anand mugadlimath2, Tyagaraju MR3, Vishal koulapur4  |
An Autopsy Study of Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Prevalent Iceberg Disease
    Muhammed Aseel Zahir Hussain1, Archana B2, Thanka J3, Priyadarshee Pradhan4  |