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  Volume 1, Number 1,  2015
Original Article
Nitric Oxide Production in Probiotic lactobacillus Plantarum : Revision of the Origin
    Dina R. Yarullina, Knut Beuerlein, Nikolay I. Silkin, Olga N. Ilinskaya  
Phylogenetic Analysis of BTV1 From Northern and Southern States of India
    Minakshi P, Koushlesh Ranjan, Gaya Prasad  
Isolation, Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Salmonella Species from Seafood Sold in Local Markets of Goa
    Saniya Ahluwalia, Aditya Vasishatha, Krupali Poharkar, Swapnil Doijad, Abhay Raorane, Sukhadeo Barbuddhe  
Review Article
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
    Dalip K Kakru, Mohd Suhail, Nargis Bali, Junaid Ahmad, Humaira Bashir  
Case Report
A Case of Septicaemia Caused by Shewanella Putrefaciens in a 9 Month Old Infant
    Sadhna Sodani, Ranjana Hawaldar  
Candida Krusei Prosthetic Joint Infection Following Fungaemia in a Patient with Total Hip Replacement.
    Meena dias, Anisha Fernandes, Anusha Dias  
Notes and News
RNAs in The Acid Tolerance Response and Virulence of Salmonella
    Daniel Ryan, Sangeeta Jaiswal, Niladri Bhusan Pati