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Original Article

Radiographic Length of Styloid Process as Determinant of Eagle’s Syndrome in North Indian Population

Akhilanand Chaurasia*, Gaurav Katheriya**

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 11(1):5-11,Jan-Mar2018.

Prevalence of Dental Caries of the First Permanent Molars among 6-14 Years Old Sudanese Children

Amal H. Abuaffan*, Samah Hayder*, Aml A. Hussen*, Tibyan A. Ibrahim*

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 11(1):13-16,Jan-Mar2018.

Perception of Under Graduate Students and Faculty towards DOPS as a Method for Skill Assessment in the Subject of Periodontology

Daisy Happy*, Amita Aditya**, Nihal Devkar***, Akshay Vibhute*, Parag Hadge*

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 11(1):17-19,Jan-Mar2018.

Review Article

Considerations of Radiation in Endodontics: An Update

Mridusmita Mukherjee*, Tanmoy Nath**

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 11(1):21-23,Jan-Mar2018.