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Review Article

Teledentistry in Dental Education: A Futuristic Approach

Roshni Dupare, Puneet Kumar, Sonia Sood Datta, Arun Dupare

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 5(4):197-203,October - December2012.

Periodontal Disease Contribution to Systemic Disease: An overview of Potential Mechanism


Indian Journal of Dental Education. 5(4):205-210,October - December2012.

Case Report

Funnel Tooth: Endodontically Challenged Mandibular Second Premolar

Prashant Battepati, MDS*, Rajesh Anegundi, MDS**, Anand Tavargeri, MDS***, Shruthi Patil, MDS****, Vijay Trasad, MDS*****, Prashant Jalannavar******

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 5(4):211-215,October - December2012.

Gardner’s Syndrome with Significant Maxillofacial Cosmetic Deformity: A Rare Case Report

Karuna Jindwani, Vilas Nevaskar, Deepak Agrawal, B.M. Shrivastava

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 5(4):217-221,October - December2012.

Enhancement of Retention in Complete Dentures by Mini Implants: Case Report

Pankaj Datta*

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 5(4):223-227,October - December2012.

Treatment of Thin Biotype Gingival Recession Using Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft: A Case Report

Himanshu Dadlani*, H.S. Grover***, Suman Yadav***

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 5(4):229-232,October - December2012.

An Unusual Case of Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor Associated with Dentigerous Cyst

Sushruth Nayak, MDS*, Prachi Nayak, MDS**, Rakesh Kumar Mannae, MDS***, Ashish Mahendra, MDS****

Indian Journal of Dental Education. 5(4):235-236,October - December2012.