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  Volume 11, Number 2, Apr-June 2019
Original Article
Awareness of Caller ID Spoofing among Teacher Trainees in Addalaichenai Government Teachers’ College
    A.M. Jazeel  |  DOI:
Nexus between Managerial Compensation and Financial Performance, Size of the Firm & Risk of Indian Manufacturing Companies: A Study on Automobile Companies
    Brajaballav Pal, Poulomi Roy  |
An Empirical Study on Role of Marketing Mix in the Positioning of Brands
    Dimple Meena  |  DOI:
Transformation in Education System: A Study of Old Education System Versus New Education System
    Kaushal Chauhan1, Kiran Angra2  |  DOI:
Analysis of Status and Role of Primary Health Centre in Thoothukudi District
    S. Kanthimathinathan  |  DOI:
A Study of Status of Manual Scavengers in Thoothukudi Corporation of Tamil Nadu
    K. Sankaranarayanan  |  DOI:
Application of Internet Marketing in Effectiveness of Leading Non-Governmental Organizations of India
    Shubhra Sinha  |  DOI: