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  Volume 7, Number 3, July - September 2015
Original Article
A Study on Migrant Unorganised Workers in Tirunelveli District
    S. Kayarkanni  |  DOI:
Infrastructure Financing by HUDCO in Kerala
    Santhosh Kumar S.*, Presteena Jesna M. Jose**  |  DOI:
Review Article
Human Resource Management in Service Sector: An Indian Perspective
    V. Vijay Durga Prasad  |  DOI:
Urbanization of Rayalaseema Region and Urban Environmental Problems of Anantapuramu Municipal Corporation, Anantapuramu District, Andhra Pradesh
    G. Venkata Ramana  |  DOI:
Post 2015 UN Global Development Goals; What next for Universal Primary Education?
    Gupta S. N.*, Gupta Naveen**, Gupta Shivani***  |  DOI: