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  Volume 6, Number 2, April - June 2014
Original Article
Recital of Non-Banking Monetary Companies in Synopsis
    S. Ganapathy, C. Mayilsamy  
Organizational Commitment and Attrition among Business Process Outsourcing Employees in Chennai
    Devi K., Punitha A.  
Factor Analysis Approach to Explore Dimensions of Employee Retention in BPO Industry in Kerala
    G.S. Gireesh Kumar, C. Santhosh  
Effectiveness of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in Present Scenario
    Mitushi Jain  
Impact and Influence of Joint Mobility Impairment in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: Implications for Social Welfare and Management
    Kumar Senthil P., Adhikari Prabha, Jeganathan P.S., Kumar Anup, Misri Z.K.  
A Study of Achievement Motivation of IX Class Students
    Y. Varaprasada Reddy, Chaganti Rami Reddy, B. Yella Reddy  
Impact of Corporate Culture in Mumbai on Health and Diet of Young Executives
    Kavita Laghate, Nandini Rekhade