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  Volume 5, Number 4, October - December 2013
Original Article
HR Policies and Practices in BHEL
    Mitushi Jain  
Quality of Life: An Impact Assessment on NREGA Beneficiaries
    Bigi Thomas  
Magic of Employment Generation through MNREGS: Evidences from Kerala
    Santhosh Kumar S. Helaney M.Y.  
Poverty in Puducherry: An Analysis of Rural and Urban Disparity
    L. Rathakrishnan  
Demographic and Economic Status of Scheduled Tribes in Andhra Pradesh: A Study of Jatapu Tribe in Seethammapeta Mandal in Srikakulam District
    D. Pulla Rao  
Patronage and its Impact on Policy Making Process and Administration of Government Agencies in the U.S.
    Nasser S. Al-Kahtani  
Various Approaches of Values Inculcation
    Nisha Singh, Anju Rani  
The Role of MEIRA PAIBI in Bringing about Social Change in the Manipuri Society: An Analysis
    Lalzo S. Thangjom  
Ancient to Modern Technology Connecting, Socializing and Empowering Public Health across the Globe
    Gupta SN, Gupta Naveen, Rana J. Singh, Gupta Shivani, Kumar Ravinder, Sharma Narender  
Socialization within the Family
    Sowmya B.M.  
Notes and News
Rare Feat by AU Professor
    D. Pulla Rao