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International Journal of Practical Nursing

Volume  8, Issue 2, May–August 2020, Pages 69-73


Original Article

Home Accidents And Its Prevention Among Under-5 Children
M P Venkatesan1, K Kamala2
1PhD Scholar, 2Principal, Vinayaka Mission’s College of Nursing, Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation (Deemed to be University), Salem, Karaikal.609609, Puducherry (U.T)
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A study to assess home accidents and its prevention among mothers of under -5 children in Vinayaka mission’s medical college and hospital in Karaikal was aimed to assess the knowledge on prevention of home accidents among mothers of under-5 children.30 samples were selected by using purposive sampling method, semi structured interview questionnaire was used to collect the data from mother of under-5 children. The study revealed the frequency and percentage distribution shows mothers of under-5 children based on the knowledge maximum 21(70%) have moderate knowledge, 8(26.67%) have inadequate knowledge, 1(3.33%) have adequate knowledge. There was significant association between levels of knowledge on demographic variables such as Age, Education of the mother, Monthly income, Type of family, Sex of the baby, Developmental age of child, Type of house, Source of health relative information. Mothers of under-5 children were distributed pamphlets on prevention of home accidents.

Keywords: Home accidents; Under-5 children; Prevention, Mothers; Pamphlets

Corresponding Author : M P Venkatesan