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International Journal of Practical Nursing

Volume  8, Issue 2, May–August 2020, Pages 59-68


Original Article

Effectiveness of Warm Foot Bath on Quality of Sleep Among Cancer Patients Admitted in Selected Hospitals
Aboli Kiran Lanjewar 1, Lata Sukare2, Pascaline David3
1Student, 2Professor, 3Associate Professor, Departmenet of Nursing, VSPM’s College of Nursing and Research Center, Nagpur.
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Background: Cancer is now one of the top causes of death in India, after heart attack. Some of the world's highest incidences of cancer in found in India. Fatigue and sleep disturbance are two of most frequent side effects experienced by cancer patients. Medications use for people suffering from insomnia to get sleep but they cannot cure and prolonged use resulted in dependency but non pharmacological interventions give reliable and durable changes in the sleeping patterns of patients with cancer. Objectives: To assess the quality of sleep among cancer patients in experimental group and control group. To assess the effectiveness of warm foot bath on quality of sleep among cancer patients in experimental group. To compare quality of sleep among cancer patients in experimental and control group. To find out association between quality of sleep among cancer patients in experimental group and control group with selected demographicvariables. Methodology: Quantitative research approach used for the study. Research design was quasi experimental nonrandomized control group design. And sampling technique was Non
probability purposive sampling and sample size was 60 cancer patients (30 in each experimental group and control group). Result: Analysis reveals, in experimental group after warm foot bath mean score is 6.62
and in control group 10.13. Unpaired ‘t’ test was used to calculate t value. The calculated t-value is 9.92. Which is higher than tabulated‘t’ value at 5 percent level of significance. Hence the research hypothesis H1 accepted and null hypothesis H0 is rejected. Conclusion: study conclude that there is significant difference between mean quality of sleep among cancer patients in experimental group and control group. Hence based on above cited finding it was concluded that the warm foot bath was effective for improving quality of sleep among cancer patients.

Keywords: Assess; Effectiveness; Warm foot bath; Quality of sleep; Cancer patient.

Corresponding Author : Aboli Kiran Lanjewar