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Indian Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia

Volume  8, Issue 1, Jan-feb 2021, Pages 141-143


Case Report

Anaesthesia for Vertebral Body Tumor in the Pregnant Patient
Sandeep V D1, Ravi Madhusudhana2
1Post Graduate Resident, 2Professor and HOD, Department of Anaesthesiology, Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Tamaka, Kolar, Karnataka 563101, India.
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Introduction: Vertebral body tumors although are rare in pregnancy can cause significant problems like neurological symptoms in the mother and if progressed may cause severe side effects in the fetus. Case presentation: We present here successful anesthetic management of a 20-year-old pregnant lady with 26 weeks of gestation with a D8 vertebral body tumor posted for excision and spinal fusion in the prone position. Conclusion: Surgical intervention in pregnant ladies with spinal cord tumors depends on the neurological manifestations and early intervention may be required to prevent harmful effects to both the mother and fetus, hence a multidisciplinary approach between the surgeon, anesthetist and obstetrician is essential in such cases for a safe outcome.

Corresponding Author : Sandeep V D