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Pediatrics Education and Research

Volume  6, Issue 1, Jan-Apr 2018, Pages 11-15


Original Article

To Assess the Magnitude of Physical, Reproductive and Psychological Health Problems during Menstruation among Adolescent Girls of Urban Slums
Aditi Gothi1, Nilesh Gothi2
1Senior Demonstrator, Department of PSM 2Associate Professor (MD, Pediatric), Dungarpur Medical College, Dungarpur, Rajasthan 314001, India.
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Background: The Health problems of adolescent girls has been neglected, as they are considered generally less vulnerable to Disease than younger children. Therefore the first step to improve adolescent girls reproductive and sexual health is to acknowledge the importance of multidimensional approach and the importance of holistic perspective. This study was carried out to assess the magnitude of Physical, Reproductive and Psychological health problems during menstruation among adolescent girls of urban slums. Material & Methods: This is a observational community based cross –sectional study carried -out on all the Adolescent girls married and unmarried from the age group above 13 to 19 years residing in the defined area. House to house survey of the eligible subjects was done by the researcher herself using a pre-designed and pretested schedule. Results: Our study showed that the maximum (45.74%) adolescent girls in the study group were from 15 to 17 years age group, mean age of girls was 15.5 years. Most (33.51%) of the girls had education up to secondary school, 91.22% perceived physical change during puberty was development of breast. Adolescent girls perceived foul smelling discharge as main reproductive health problem during menstruation. Conclusion: Adolescent girls undergo physical, emotional and psychological changes. Many doubts and questions arise in their minds especially regarding reproductive and sexual health leading to worries and anxieties.

Keywords: Adolescent Girls; Physical; Reproductive; Psychological Health Problems. 

Corresponding Author : Nilesh Gothi, Associate Professor (MD, Pediatric), Dungarpur Medical College, Dungarpur, Rajasthan 314001, India.