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Modified Limberg Flap for Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal Sinus: A Prospective Institutional Study
  Johnrose Austin Jayalal1, Selwyn J Kumar2, Baghavath Pon Kailasm3
Download Available
Efficacy of HBOT as Adjuvant in Burn Patient
  Manoj Gupta
Download Available
Role of Bates-Jenson Wound Assessment Tool (BJWAT) in Wound Management
  Shijina K1, Ravi Kumar Chittoria2, Vinayak Chavan3, Abhinav aggarwal4, Saurabh Gupta5, Chirra Likhitha Reddy6
Download Available
Evaluation of Effect of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on Split Thickness Skin Graft Take
  Umesh N1, Naveen Kumar2, V.K. Tiwari3, Anchit Kumar4, Harini BS5
Download Available
Role of Microporous Polysaccharide Hemosphere Technology in Wound Healing
  Shijina K1, Ravi Kumar Chittoria2, Vinayak Chavan3, Abhinav aggarwal4, Saurabh Gupta5, Chirra Likhitha Reddy6
Download Available
Role of Digital Planimetry in Wound Management
  Ravi Kumar Chittoria1, Shijina K2, Saurabh Gupta3, Chirra Likhitha Reddy4, Padma lakshmi Bharathi Mohan5, Imran Pathan6, Abhinav Aggarwal7, Vinayak Chavan8
Download Available
Firecracker Burst Injuries During Diwali: Our Experience
  Chirra Likhitha Reddy1, Ravi Kumar Chittoria2, Abhinav Agarwal3, Saurabh Gupta4, Imran Pathan5, Padma Lakshmi Bharathi Mohan6, Shijina K7
Download Available
Role of Alternative Therapy in Management of Partial Thickness Burn– experience with Use of Collagen Dressing Compared with Paraffin Gauze and Silver Sulfadiazine
  Anupama Singh1, Ankur Bhatnagar2
Download Available
Effect of An Early Versus Late Ambulation Over Graft Take on the Lower Limb Autograft: A Comparative Study
  Naveen Kumar
Download Available
Innovative Application of Selfie Stick with a Tripod for Smart Phone Based Video Conferencing in Telemedicine
  Ravi Kumar Chittoria1, Chirra Likhitha Reddy2, Abhinav Aggarwal3, Saurabh Gupta4, Padma Lakshmi Bharathi Mohan5, Imran Pathan6, Shijina K7
Download Available
Epidemiological Study of Pediatric Burns Admitted to A Tertiary Burn Care Center
  Vinayak Chavan1, Ravi Kumar Chittoria2, Abhinav Aggarwal3, Saurabh Gupta4, Likhitha Reddy C5, Padma Lakshmi Bharathi Mohan6
Download Available
Innovative Use of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma as Preservative Media for Skin Graft
  Barath Kumar Singh P, Ravi Kumar Chittoria
Download Available