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Macro-mineral profile of assam non-descript sheep (Ovies aeris)
  M. Ayub Ali*, Hemen Das*, L. Inaotombi Devi**, P. Kirthika*, Prava Mayengbam*, M.C. Lallianchunga*, Lalnuntluangi Hmar***
Download Available
Effect of level of protein and concentrations of amino acids on egg quality parameters in WL layers
  K. Naga Raja Kumari*, V. Ravinder Reddy**, V. Chinni Preetham**, D. Srinivas Kumar***, Arup Ratan Sen****, S. Venkata Rama Rao*****
Download Available
Effect of organic acid supplementation on performance of poultry
  J.V. Ramana*, R. Vikram Reddy**, D. Srinivasa Rao***, S. Shakila****, J. Suresh*****
Download Available
Nutritional management of the transition dairy cow for optimal health and production
  D.N. Singh*, Ajay Kumar* , Y. Singh*, Mamta*, R. Sirohi*
Download Available
Viable mutants in blackgram
  A. Thanga Hemavathy*, R. Vinoth**, Ayiswarya Tahore***
Download Available
Genetic diversity studies in coconut
  Thanga Hemavathy
Download Available
Effect of feeding seabuckthorn cake (hippophae l.) on egg production and egg quality in poultry birds
  V.K. Sharma*, Rana Divya**, Wadhwa Daisy***, Hasanuzzaman Md.****
Download Available
Effect of supplementation of probiotics on the performance of milk yield and economics of dairy cattle
  Kumar Satendra*, Kumar Brajendu**
Download Available
Effect of dietary replacement of protein with seabuckthorn products alone and in combination on the performance of broiler birds
  Mushtaq Musrat*, Sharma V.K.**, Daisy Rani***, Sharma Arun****
Download Available
Implication of functional ingredients of goat milk to develop functional foods
  Meena Goswami*, S.K. Bharti*, Anita Tewari**, Heena Sharma***, Karunakara K.N.****, Tanveer Khanam****
Download Available
Effect of roughage to concentrate ratio on performance and RFI of lactating crossbred cows
  Jyoti Sumer Kajla1, R.S. Grewal2, Puneet Malhotra3, J.S. Lamba4, Simarjit Kaur5, Jasmine Kaur6
Download Available
Effect of incorporation of coriander seed meal at varying levels on serum biochemical profile in Japanese quail diets
  Balachenna Reddy N.1, Srinivas Kumar D.2, Raja Kishore K.3, Naga Raja Kumari K.4
Download Available
Sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animal feed and their potential impact on environmental and human health: a comprehensive review
  Atul Kumar1, Anil Patyal2, A.K. Panda3
Download Available
Employment generation through fisheries based farming system in rural areas of Jammu region
  Raj Kumar1, A. Gupta2, S. Masud3, J.S. Manhas4
Download Available
Shelf life enhancement of muscle foods with biodegradable film packaging
  Meena Goswami1, Vikas Pathak2, Sanjay Kumar Bharti3, Anita Tewari4, Anita Chappalwar5, Tanuja6, Sadhana Ojha7
Download Available
Urea treated paddy straw: Effect on feed intake, digestibility, fermentable energy and milk production in cattle
  S. Sivajothi1, P. Aruna2, B. Sudhakara Reddy3
Download Available
Occurrence of Streptococcus Pneumoniae Infections in Lambs from Andhra Pradesh
  D. Rani Prameela1, Manga Devi N.2, P. Sudheer3 D. Sreenivasulu4
Download Available
Efficiency of Citrus Fruits to Improve Functional Properties of Livestock Products
  Anita Chappalwar1, Vikas Pathak2, Meena Goswami3, Sanjay Bharti4, Shubha Singh5, Prashant Singh6, Raghvendra Mishra7
Download Available
Superiority of A2 Milk Over A1 Milk: A Boon for Human Health
  Sanjay Singh1, Vikas Pathak2, Meena Goswami3, Sanjay Kumar Bharti4, Renu Kumari5Shubha Singh6
Download Available
Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Sea Buckthorn Leaf Meal on Egg Production Performances by Coloured Breeder Birds During Summer Season
  D.N. Singh1, P.K. Shukla2, Amitav Bhattacharyya3, Yajuvendra Singh4, R. Sirohi5
Download Available
Herd Structure of Kankrej Cattle at Cattle Breeding Farm
  K.J. Ankuya1, A.K. Srivastava2, H.D. Chauhan3, V.K. Patel4
Download Available
In Vitro Propagation Studies in Gymnema (Gymnema Sylvestre R. Br.)
  A. Thanga Hemavathy
Download Available
Effect of Dietary Inclusion of Probiotics on Performance and Serum Parameters of Layers in Post Peak Production
  Nare Ravi Kumar1, J.V. Ramana2, B. Devasena3, S. Shakila4
Download Available
Fish Farming: A Boon for Enhancing Farmer’s Income and Livelihood
  Raj Kumar1, Akhil Gupta2
Download Available
Climate Change and its Impact on Fisheries: A Review
  Akhil Gupta1, Raj Kumar2, Paromita Gupta3, A.K. Raina4, D.P. Abrol5
Download Available
Effect of Low Temperature Preservation on Quality Characteristics of Meat
  Meena Goswami1, Vikas Pathak2, Sanjay Kumar Bharti3, Anita M. Chappalwar4, Sadhan Ojha5, Sanjay Singh6, Shubha Singh7
Download Available
Efficient in vitro Multiplication Protocol for Vanilla Planifolia Using Nodal Segments
  A Thanga Hemavathy
Download Available
Effect of Replacing Fish Meal Protein By Shrimp Waste Meal Protein With or Without Amino Acids on Serological, Hematological Parameters and Carcass Traits of Broilers
  N Mounica1, JV Ramana2, D Srinivasa Rao3, J Suresh4, P Kavitha5
Download Available
Pesticide Residues in Animal Feed: Status, Safety and Scope
  Atul Kumar1, Ankaj Thakur2, Vaishali Sharma3, Shubham Koundal4
Download Available
Potential Use of Fat Replacers for Development of Functional Food of Animal Origin
  Meena Goswami1, Tanuja2, Vikas Pathak3, Heena Sharma4, Sadhana Ojha5
Download Available
Mycotic Abortions in Bovine: A Review
  D Rani Prameela
Download Available
Heat Applications in Feed and Food Processing
  Yavuz Gurbuz
Download Available