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Antimicrobial Efficacy of Nanoparticles Loaded with Herbal Extracts on Polyester/Cotton Blend Fabrics in Combating Nosocomial Infection
  C. Geethadevi1, R. Rajendran2, R. Radhai3, Dhanya Subraminam1
Download Available
Transboundary Animal Diseases: An Editorial
  Rohit Juneja1, Arpita Sain1, Subha Ganguly2
Download Available
Molecular Analysis on Streptococcous Mutans, In Detecting the Mutacin I and II and GTF Genes in Caries Free and Caries Active Individuals
  Sanjay Rathod1, C.T. Shivannaveur2, Raghvendre Ramachari3, Suresh Kumar M.4
Download Available
Nanomedicine and Immune Response
  Ramendra Pati Pandey1, Suresh Kumar2
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Paratuberculosis (Johne’s Disease): A Real Threat to Livestock and Livestock Owners
  Rakesh Kumar1, Venkataramireddy Balena1, Manu Kurian Mathew1, Adya Prakash Rath2, Saraswat Sahoo3, Subha Ganguly4
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Growing Incidences of Obesity in Pets and its Long term Effects
  Subha Ganguly
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Clinical Applications of Nanoparticles Drug Delivery Vehicles
  Ramendra Pati Pandey
Download Available
TP53 as a Tumor Suppressor Gene
  Mosin S Khan, Roohi Ashraf, Aaliya Shah, Syed Mudassar
Download Available
A Systematic Study of V.Cholerae of its Biochemical Andantiobiogram Analysis Isolated from Backward Region of Gulbarga District Karnataka
  Sanjay Rathod1, Suresh M.2, Sudharshan A.3, Raghvendre H.4
Download Available
Bio-Hazards in Dentistry
  B. Karthika1, T. Sridhar2, M. Pavani3, E.S. Yamuna Devi CRI4, S. Kanimozhiy5, A. Priya6
Download Available
Efficacy and Safety of Oxum Verses Neosporin Ointment in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds
  Sadhana Vasant Deo
Download Available
Rapid Grower Non-Tuberculos Mycobacteria as Causative Agent for Surgical Site Infections: A Retrospective Study
  Bhavin Kapadiya1, Vipul Patel2
Download Available
Fungemia by Trichosporon asahii in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Delhi- An Epidemiological Investigation
  Gitali Bhagawati1, Sangeeta Gupta2, Sanjay Misra3, Sanjay Singhal4
Download Available
Bacteriological Profile of Uropathogens and their Susceptibility Pattern : A Study From a Tertiary Care Centre of Eastern India
  Sarkar K1, Pal S2, Gonjhu D3, Pramanik N4
Download Available
Effectiveness of Demonstration Regarding Endotracheal Suctioning Among Staff Nurses Working in Selected Hospital
  Pallavi Ashokrao Jambhulkar1, Vidya Sahare2
Download Available
Prevailing Hospital Acquired Infections a Challenge to Safety of Patients and Hospital Staff: An Overview
  Syed Douhath Yousuf1, Syed Mudassar2
Download Not Available