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Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation
About the journal
Dr. Ravi Kumar Chittoria, MCh, Pondicherry
Online only
Biannual, (Language: English)
Not affiliated with any society / association / organization

Physicians, general surgeon, plastic surgeon, orthopedicians, nephrologists, urologists and human organ transplantation experts.

Volume 3, Number 2 (July-December), 2022
December 05, 2023

Journal Description

The Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation, published twice a year, is an indispensable resource that presents important, current and important developments in this field from around the world. The journal provides a new view of stem cell transplantation, immunosuppression, tolerance inducement, organ preservation and procurement.

The Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation is a peer-reviewed and recommended journal.

Subject: Plastic Surgery and Transplantation