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  Volume 7 Number 2 2019
 Original Article
 An Observational Study of Urinary Calcium Excretion in Nephrotic Children
  Anubha Shrivastava
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Neonatal Outcome in Babies Born to Mothers with PROM
  Jyoti B Sarvi
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Outcome of Kangaroo Mother Care in Low Birth Weight Babies (Preterm/Iugr)
  Jyoti B Sarvi
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Risk factors of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia
  Amar Taksande
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Case Report
 Epidemic Dropsy in a Single Joint Family in Uttar Pradesh: A Case Report
   Sunil Kumar Rao
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Hypercalcemic Crisis, Can be Iatrogenic
  Sunil Kumar Rao
[Abstract] | [PDF]