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  Volume 3, Number 1, Jan-June 2018
Original Article
Pediatric Herpes Zoster: A Study of 64 Cases
    Deepshikha Khanna 1, Subhash Bharti 2, Payal Chakravarty 3  
Modified Maintenance Fluid in Pediatric Electrical Burns
    Ravi Kumar Chittoria1, Vinayak Chavan2, Elankumar S3, Konda Sireesha Reddy4, Aggarwal A 5, Gupta S 6, Likhitha R 7  
Psychiatric Disorders with Dermatological Symptoms – An Open, Cross Sectional, Observational Study
    Santoshdev P. Rathod1, Ashish Jagati2, Raju G. Chaudhary3, Arwinder Kaur Brar4, Soham B. Buch5, Kalgi D. Baxi 6  
A Hospital-Based Study of Epidemiological Patterns of Vitiligo
    Adavi Vijayakumara 1, Vishalakshi S. Pandit 2  
Mycological Study of Tinea Versicolor at a Tertiary Care Centre
    K. Devendrappa 1, Mohammed Waseem Javed 2  
Noninfectious Dermatoses Among HIV Patients: Clinical Descriptive Study
    Lakshmipathi Y. Pattar1, Suma D. Gudi2  
Skin Diseases in HIV Positive Patients Attending the Skin and STD OPD at a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Lakshmipathi Y. Pattar1, Suma D. Gudi2  
Review Article
Acne Vulgaris and Quality of Life
    Pragya Nair1, Kira Pariath2