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  Volume 5, Number 1, January-June 2019
Original Article
Derivative UV-Vis Spectrophotometric Analysis of Caramel in Some Common Liquor Samples
    Candida Britto1, Praveen Kumar Yadav2, Rakesh Mohan Sharma3  |  DOI:
Study of Characteristic Burn Patterns Formed by Three Different Accelerants on Plastered Wall
    Tulika Banerjee1, Lav Kesharwani2, Vimal Rarh3  |  DOI:
Forensic Discrimination of Fake and Genuine Mobil Oils
    Vinod Dhingra  |  DOI:
Estimation of Zinc Levels in Blood, Liver and Stomach Contents using ICP-AES: A Cross Sectional Autopsy Based Study
    Anita Yadav1, Adarsh Kumar2, Surender Singh3, AK Jaiswal4, Madhulika Sharma5, Tabin Millo6, SK Gupta  |  DOI:
Medical and Legal Interpretation of Injury report: A Physician’s Dilemma
    T. Millo  |  DOI:
Some Forensic Aspects on Antidepressants Drugs
    Vinod Dhingra1, Ritika Gupta2  |  DOI:
Method Validation and Quantitative Estimation of Ethanol using n-Propanol as Internal Standard in whole Blood by Gas Chromatography - Headspace (GC-HS)
    Ashok Kumar Jaiswal1, Supriya Krishna2, Khoob Chand3, Tabin Millo4, Sudhir Kumar Gupta5  |  DOI:
Depletion Studies on Different Fluorescent Powder Compositions
    Smily1, Gurvinder S. Sodhi2, Sanjiv Kumar3  |  DOI:
Post Mortem CT (PMCT) in Forensic Medicine and Toxicity
    Mayadhar Barik  |  DOI:
Review Article
Mitochondrial DNA Typing for Forensic Identification
    Nidhi Sharma1, T. Millo2  |  DOI:
Case Report
Differential Decomposition: A Case Report
    Arijit Dey1, Hemant K. Kanwar2, Varun Chandran3, Neha Sharma4, Rohit Basu5  |  DOI:
Domestic Violence Ends Three Innocent Lives: A Case Series
    Arijit Dey1, Deepshekhar Dalal2, Mainak Tarafdar3, Neha Sharma4, Hemant K Kanwar5  |  DOI:
Accidental Drowning of Child or Maternal Filicide by Strangulation: A Case Report
    Neha Sharma1, Arijit Dey2, Pooja Gajmer3, Varun Chandran4, Hemant K. Kanwar5  |  DOI: