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  Volume 3, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2017
Original Article
Fatal Cases of Trauma with Pelvic Fracture in Level-I Trauma Care Centre in India: An Autopsy Based Study
    Mahesh Kumar*, Mansi Kumar**, Abhishek Yadav***, Kulbhushan Prasad***  |
Study of Fatal Burn Cases in Relation to Epidemiological and Socio- Economic Factors
    Kulbhushan Prasad*, Abhishek Yadav*, Anil Kumar Mittal**, P.C. Dikshit***, Sudhir Kumar Gupta****  |
Determination of Ethanol in Blood and Urine Samples- A Case Study Showing the Significance of (i) Application of One Method Over the Other and (ii) Inclusion of Uncertainty of Measurement
    Kumar Raj*, Jaiswal A.K.**, Yadav Anita**, Singh Dalbir*  |
Separation and Detection of Nux Vomika Alkaloids by Thin-Layer Chromatography
    Mali Bhagwat D.*, Akuskar Deepak S.**, Jivane Deepak M.**  |
Scenario of Usefulness of Viscera Preservation
    Kumar S.*, Shubhendu K.**, Mahto T.***, Gupta S.K.****, Bharti M.L.G.*****  |
Review Article
Medico-Legal Duties of Doctor in Poisoning Cases
    T. Millo*, A.K. Jaiswal**, D.N. Bharadwaj*  |
Case Report
Homicide-Suicide: One of the Faces of ‘Love’
    Abhishek Yadav*, Mohit Gupta**, Mantaran Singh Bakshi***, Sudhir Kumar Gupta****  |