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  Volume 13, Number 2, May-August 2019
Original Article
What are the Information Retrieval Skill Issues and What are the Attitudes Towards Information Literacy in Women Faculty of Engineering Colleges in West Tamil Nadu?
    MA Deepamala1, Ananthanarayana Sharma2  |  DOI:
Self Citation Practice by LIS Professionals : A Bibliometric Study based on PEARL Journal of Library & Information Science
    Anil Kumar Dhiman  |  DOI:
Research Productivity of Nanotechnology as mirrored on SCImago Website
    Chandran Velmurugan  |  DOI:
Effective Use of Open Access Journals by Engineering PG Students and Faculty Members in Bangalore City : A Study
    Kavita Biradar1, KG Jayarama Naik2  |  DOI:
Reading Habits of Library Users : A Study of University of Jammu (J&K)
    Anil Kumar Dhiman1, Vinod Kumar2  |  DOI:
Availability, Accessibility and Utilization of E-Resources by Senior Acedemics in Mautech, Yola
    Murtal Aliyu1, Zainab Mohammed Abdullahi2, Abubakar Mohammed3  |  DOI:
Scientometric Portrait of Dr. Anil Kumar Dhiman, an Information Scientist
    Sushil Kumar Sharma1, Sompal Singh2  |  DOI:
Research Data Management and the Role of Library Professionals
    M. Natarajan1, Manju Dahiya2  |  DOI:
Review Article
Bridging Relations of Library and Information Services with Geospatial Technologies and Geographic Information System in the Perspectives of E-Governance Readiness
    Shiva Kanaujia1, Uttam Kumar2  |  DOI: