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  Volume 11, Number 2, May-Aug 2017
Original Article
Research Contributions of KUK and MDU: A Bibliometric Study
    Sanjay Kumar Kaushik  |
Status of Government District Libraries of Uttar Pradesh A State of India in 21st Century: A Study
    Anubhav Shah*, Sharad Kumar Sonkar**  |
Usage of Internet Search Engines among B.Ed Students of Karnataka College of Education, Yadagir: A Study
    Basawaraj Malipatil*, Shashikala S. Angadi**  |
Research Impact of Human DNA in USA: A Scientometric Analysis
    C . Baskaran*, P. Murugiah**  |
Impact of Green Information Technology in Library Digitisation
    C. Jayalakshmi*, R. Sarangapani**  |
To Analyze and Understand the Job Satisfaction among University Library Professionals of Delhi
    A.K. Sharma*, Shashi Kant Sharma**  |
Effect of Social Networking Sites on the Students’ Academic Performance in Jimma University, Jimma, Ethiopia
    M. Natarajan  |
Analysing Social-Demographic Differences in Accessing and Using Agricultural Information Services in Tanzania
    Getrude Robert Ntulo*, Japhet Otike**  |
Information Literacy Skills and Competencies among University Students: A Pilot Study at Tumkur University, Karnataka
    Hemavathi B.N.*, Ramesha**  |
Exploitation of Web 2.0 Based Website among the Female Students of University of Rajshahi: A Case Study
    Nazmul Islam*, Md. Shahajada Masud Anowarul Haque**  |
Awareness of Information Needs and Use of Library Resources and Services among Student-Teachers: A Study
    Sujata Sunil Rajpurkar*, Sushama C. Powdwal**  |
Use of Social Networking Sites Facebook, Google Plus, Linked in, and Twitter among user of State Library, Odisha: An Exploratory Study
    Lambodara Parabhoi*, Pramod Kumar Meher**, Ramani Ranjan Sahu***  |
Review Article
Authorship Pattern and Collaboration in Indian Journal of Medical Research [IJMR]
    K. Sanjeevi*, G. Manivannan**  |
Bibliometric Analysis of Indian Journal of Library and Information Science
    S. Rajeswari*, K. Praveena*  |
Digital Preservation for Libraries: Planning / Process and Approaches
    V.R. Rajan*, S. Barathi**, D. Sindhujha**  |
IT Based Library and Information Services in Agricultural University Libraries in South India: A Study
    H.M. Chidananda Swamy*, B.U. Kannappanavar**  |
The Role of Digital Library in Open and Distance Learning: Issues and Challenges
    M. Gopalswamy*, Ramesh R. Naik**  |
Comparative Analysis of Open Source Ontology Editors: A Study
    Kaushal Giri*, Pratibha Gokhale**  |
Contribution of Web Tools in Library Service
    Jayamala Patil*, Rakesh Khare**  |
Citation Errors in Scholarly Communication: A Critical Evaluation
    Vishnu Kumar Gupta  |