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  Volume 9, Number 1, Jan-Apr 2015
Original Article
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Use by Lecturers at the National University of Lesotho
    Wole Olatokun*, Tsoenyo Julia Ntemana**  |  DOI:
Evaluation in information Retrieval – User Studies of Students of Shree Chandraprabhu Jain College, Library, Minjur, Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
    K. Muthukrishnan*, P. Sivaraman**  |  DOI:
Effective use of ICTs and Digital Library Initiatives in Research Institutes and R & D Organizations in Karnataka : A Study
    Ramesha*, Raghavendra M.**  |  DOI:
Design and Development of Library and Information Science Learning Object (LISLO) Retrieval System
    Amit Kumar Das  |  DOI:
Users’ Satisfaction Towards Library Resources and Services in Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology of GGSIP University, Delhi : An Evaluation
    Sanjay Kumar Pandey*, M. P. Singh**  |  DOI:
A study of Information seeking Pattern of Faculty Members of Arts and Science Colleges in Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
    K. Muthukrishnan*, P. Sivaraman**  |  DOI:
Directory of Popular Search Engines
    Pavankumar M. Gudi*, Syed Shah Ahmed Aarmast**  |  DOI:
Library and Information Services with a Touch of Mobile Applications
    Shiva Kanaujia Sukula*  |  DOI:
Review Article
Digital Library in Open Universities – A Review
    V. Sheela*, Puttamadaiah**  |  DOI: