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  Volume 8, Number 3 (Suppl), Sept - Dec 2014
Original Article
Library Websites of the Agricultural Universities of Maharashtra State: Content Analysis
    Veena Tiwari, Praveen Pandit  
Information and Knowledge Management in Libraries
    Lokeshappa H, Sadhana P. Naik, Spoorthi T.R.  
Study of Printing and Publishing Technology Professionals in Academic Libraries
    R. Padmavathi, P. Sethuraj  
Approach of Information Seeking Behaviour of Library Users to Implement RFID in Learning Institutions
    K. Muthukrishnan, P. Sivaraman  
Collection Development Policy (Reference to Engineering College Libraries in Bangalore)
    Chandrakanth H.G.  
Dialectics of Information Seeking Behaviour: A Survey of Pharmacy Faculty in Andhra Pradesh and their Use of Library Services and Facilities
    M. Doraswamy  
Review Article
Growth and Development of Literature in the field of Web 2.0: A Bibliometric Study
    Sabitri Majhi, Bulu Maharana, Karna Singh