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  Volume 7, Number 3, Sept - Dec 2013
Original Article
Are the University Librarians Satisfied with the Quality of Library Services?
    Vinod Kumar  
Scientific Contributions of CCS Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar: A Scientometrics Study
    Sanjay Kumar Kaushik  
Approaching the Digital Libraries in Perspective of Semantic Operability
    Shiva Kanaujia Sukula  
Review Article
Evaluation of University Library Websites: A Literature Review
    Manjunath G. Lamani, Keshava  
An Assessment of Electronic Journals Access among the Faculty Members in Alagappa University
    C. Baskaran, S. Kishore Kumar  
Information Seeking Behaviour of Dentists in Indian Metros: A Study
    Ashis Biswas, Avijit Chakrabarti, Mayuri Das Biswas  
Information Literacy Skills on Utilization of the E-Resources and SNS Among the Dentistry Students of Ragas Dental College, Chennai
    S. Ganesan, K. Kaliyaperumal  
Use of Objective Structured Clinical Examination and Structured Clinical Instruction Module for Interprofessional Education on Cancer: A Focused Review
    Senthil P. Kumar