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  Volume 6, Number 2, May-Aug 2012
Review Article
Changing Roles of LIS Professionals in Present Era
    Tridib Tripathi, Partha Sarathi Mandal  
Use of Information Resources and Services in the Veterinary College Libraries of Karnataka
    Bindu K, Chandrappa S.  
Assessing Quality of Library Services: A Case Study of Select Libraries of Northern India
    Vinod Kumar, H. Bansal  
Research Growth Pattern and Author Collaboration of Cardiology Research During 1991-2010
    C. Baskaran  
Users’ Satisfaction Towards Satellite Libraries: A Study of MD University Rohtak
    Sanjay K. Kaushik, Ramdiya Bhargava  
Marketing of Agricultural Information in Cyber Era
    Lokeshappa H, Keshava  
National Knowledge Commission: A Milestone in the History of Indian Library Movement
    N. Subramanian  
Reprography Services in University Libraries of Haryana: The Way it can be Beneficial for the Users?
Impact and Implications of ICT Changes in Krishnasamy College of Engineering & Technology, Cuddalore
    S. Dhanavandan, M. Tamizhchelvan  
Use and Impact of E–Journals in Libraries With Reference to Pondicherry University Library
    V.R. Rajan  
Scientometric Dimensions of Research Productivity in Universities of Karnataka
    D.S. Amoji