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  Volume 6, Number 1, January - April 2012
Original Article
Web Design: A New Era Skill for Librarians
    Sanjay K. Kaushik, V.S. Bisht  
Information Seeking and Usage in Digital Environment
    J.P.S. Kumaravel, L. Mohamed Idhris, V. Premalatha  
Contribution of Willard S. Boyle to the Global Science and Technology: A Scientometric Portrait
    Keshava, Mariraj Vasudev Sedam, N.S. Gundur  
Review Article
Motivation of library personnel in the Engineering College Libraries in Bhubaneswar, Orissa (India)
    Bulu Maharana, Solma Murmu, Sabitri Majhi  
Awareness of Web 2.0 among Medical College Librarians in Tamil Nadu
    S. Thanuskodi  
Measuring Usage of E-Resources in KCG College of Technology: An Overview
    J.K. Latha  
Case Report
Digital Information Resources of University of Delhi: A Faceted Study about its Use and Assessment
    Amit Kumar Deval  
Use of Electronic Information Resources: A Case Study of SASTRA University
    R. Natarajan, R. Revathi  
Reading Interest of Student Nurses in Sri Lanka: A Case Study
    M.K. Geethani Attanayake