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  Volume 5, Number 2, May-August 2019
Original Article
Effect of An Information Booklet on Knowledge of Caregivers Regarding Care of Children with Nephrotic Syndrome in Selected Hospitals of Mumbai
    Chhameshwari Verma  |  DOI:
Experimental Study Regarding School Phobia; School Refusal (Truants) Among Mothers of Pre-School Children’s Living in Latur District (3–6 Yrs)
    Sivanathan NT1, Chinnasamy Azhagesan2  |  DOI:
Knowledge and Attitude Regarding DOTS Therapy Among the Tuberculosis Patient at Selected DOTs Center
    Kurvatteppa Halemani1, Nikita Tiwari2, Piyush K Mall3, Pradeep K Nishad4, Shivani Rawat5, Neeru Yadav  |  DOI:
Knowledge and Home Care Managements of Thalassemia Among the Parents of Thalassemic Children : A Descriptive Study
    Naveen Kumari1, Shatrughan Pareek2  |  DOI:
An Exploratory Study to Assess the Knowledge and Classroom Management Regarding Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Among Primary School Teachers : A Narrative Review
    Pragya Kumari1, N Siva2, Alamelu M3  |  DOI:
Knowledge and Attitude of Police Personnels Regarding the Human Righyts of People With Mental Disorders in Selected Police Stations
    Binu Joe1, Anu Joykutty2  |  DOI:
Review Article
A Review on Ebola Virus Disease
    MP Venkatesan1, R Karthiga2  |  DOI:
Child Psychology
    Nirupam Nisha Sahu  |  DOI:
Case Report
A Case Study Showing the Actual Presentation of A Child Having Ventricular Septal Defect
    Nirupam Nisha Sahu  |  DOI:
Bilateral Ectopic Ureter : A Case Report with Literature Review
    Seema Maheswari A  |  DOI: