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  Volume 7, Number 1, jan-march 2021
Original Article
The Effect of Glycemic Control on Spirometric Variables in Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    Prasanna Kumar1, Mohd Asif Hussain2  |
Clinical Profile and Outcome of Patients Presenting to ER with Acute Rodenticide Poisoning
    Kathyayini V R1, Gireesh Kumar K P2, Sreekrishnan T P3, Manna Maria Theresa4, Vivek U5, Riaz Ahamed D6  |
Incidence of Pulmonary Complication Mainly Pneumonia, Need for Mechanical Ventilation, Respiratory Depression after Acute Stroke
    Prasanna Kumar1, Bharath G2  |
Profile of Diabetic Patients Subjected for Spirometry
    Mohd Asif Hussain1, Prasanna Kumar2  |
A Study on Risk Factors Associated with Stroke
    Prasanna Kumar1, Jeedigunta Sai Gunaranjan2  |
Case Report
Post Covid Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis
    Arun Kaushik1, Kishalay Datta2, Anita Rawat3, Ashar Khan4  |
A Rare Case of Acute B/L Optic Neuritis with B/L Papilloedema with Anti Mog Antibodies Positive
    Ritul Srivastava1, Priya Govil2, Kishalay Datta3  |
Decreased Platelet Count Due to Heparin in Covid-19
    Ashar Khan1, Kishalay Datta2, Siddharth Verma3, Arun Kaushik4  |
A Rare Case of a Traditional Indian Medicine Therapy (Desi Massage) Leading to Acute Osteomyelitis of Right Calcaneum in a Child
    Zeeshan Ali Ansari1, Priya Govil2, Kishalay Datta3  |