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  Volume 4, Number 2, Jul-Dec 2018
Original Article
The Relative Worth of Personality Traits of Advocates: A Perception Study in Silchar Town of Assam
    Dinesh Kumar Pandiya*, Susrut Pandiya**, Arijeet Das***, Ankita Dhar****  |  DOI:
Substance Use among Patients with Schizophrenia Attending Tertiary Care Psychiatric Hospital: A Cross Sectional Study
    Arun Bhat P.*, Arun Seetharaman**, Kameshvell P.***  |  DOI:
Study of Doctrine of Corporate Veil and Effects of Piercing in to Corporate Veil
    R. Dinesh Kumar  |  DOI:
Counterspeech: An Alternative Policy to Combat Hate Speech in India
    Anandita Yadav  |  DOI:
Food Law Regime in India: Meeting the Global Standards
    Food Law Regime in India: Meeting the Global Standards  |  DOI:
Legitimacy of the Use of Force in International Relations: Analysing the State Practices
    Aparna Singh*, Udai Pratap Singh**  |  DOI:
Comparative Analysis of Parliamentary Privileges in UK and India: An Overview
    Rajeev Kumar Singh  |  DOI:
Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Judicial Impact in Nigeria and India
    Aina-Pelemo Adetutu Deborah*, Mehanathan M.C.**, Kulshrestha Pradeep***  |  DOI:
Transgender in India: Wither Away or Fading
    Jaisantoshima Nagappa*, Jaiprakashreddy S. Patil**  |  DOI:
Vehicular Pollution and it’s Impact
    Najeebunnisa  |  DOI: