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  Volume 8, Number 1, January-June 2022
Original Article
Clinical and Laboratory Profile of H1n1 Influenza in Children and Adolescents in Tertiary Care Centres
    Lakshmi Gayathri1, Kalyani Srinivas  |  :
Perspectives of Medical Students Regarding use of Online Teaching Learning Method (e learning) during Covid Pandemic: A Cross Sectional Study Conducted in a Medical College of Western Maharashtra
    Shubhada Sunil Avachat1, Amrut Arun Swami2, Shruti Amrut Swami3, Sakshi Rane  |
Influence of Social Media on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of COVID 19 among Public Attending Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram
    Sheril Rose Shibu1, Simi S2, Smitha S Abraham3, Sneha Wilfred4, Sona Elsa Roy5, Sona George6, Soorya N S7, Sneha Leeza VL8, Athirarani MR  | Influence of Social Media on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of
Review Article
Norovirus Infection
      |  :