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  Volume 5, Number 2, July - December 2019
Original Article
Disability in New Leprosy Cases-Magnitude, Pattern and Associated Factors: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Subdivision of Darjeeling District, West Bengal
    Kaushik Ishore1, Dilip Kumar Das2, Sabyasachi Banerjee3  |  10.21088/ijcd.2395.6631.5219.1
Review Article
Resurgence of Nipah Virus: A Challenge to Public Health System
    Ekta Arora1, Suneela Garg2  |  10.21088/ijcd.2395.6631.5219.2
Smokeless Tobacco in Youth
    Suneela Garg1, Samar Hossain2  |  10.21088/ijcd.2395.6631.5219.3
Case Report
Splenic Abscess: An Unusual Presentation of Tuberculosis
    Syed Mohsin Ishaq1, VPS Punia2, Mehak Lamba3, Aproov Singhal4, Praveen Raman Mishra5, Showkat Nazir Wani6, Seher Kirmani7  |  10.21088/ijcd.2395.6631.5219.4
Augmentation Ileocystoplasty for A Case of Small Bladder with Tuberculosis: A Case Report
    RB Nerli1, Shankar K2, Shridhar C Ghagane3, Neeraj S Dixit4, Murigendra B5  |  10.21088/ijcd.2395.6631.5219.5